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About The Cartland’s Foundation

To use colour, music and if at all possible, a little bit of intrigue to encourage motivation and interaction – while not forgetting the importance of reward.

Ana Cartland’s approach to teaching

Our Story

The Cartland’s Foundation is an educational charitable organisation which believes that talent should be encouraged to shine regardless of income, location and personal circumstance. Founded by author, entrepreneur and philanthropist Ana Cartland, its main areas of focus are in History and the Arts:

History and Culture:

An appreciation for history is required if one is to learn from its merits, as well as its faults. It opens new questions to the inquiring mind, creating a better understanding of who we are and how we’ve come to be. The Foundation supports and runs initiatives which help further the understanding of history and culture, for it is by gaining a true appreciation about the place one calls home that a person can go on to contribute to it as a proud inhabitant.

The Arts of Music and Dance: 

The Cartland’s Foundation strongly believes that music and dance play vital roles in a person’s complete development: our projects bring together talented like minded individuals with professionals to help provide them with opportunities, offering a platform from which they can aspire to greater things in these respective arts.

Our Vision

The Foundation’s principle vision is to:

Advance education with particular regard to the subjects of history, dance and music and aid in the relief of poverty in any part of the world. 

This is achieved through a variety of means. Ranging from grants to talented individuals in financial need, through to the provision of practical schemes and projects, the results are to:

  1. Promote a better understanding of different cultures both at home and abroad;
  2. Enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient;
  3. Benefit social welfare, with an overall object of improving quality of life.

Our Projects

The Foundation’s vision is met by a variety of initiatives, including:

  • Opening access to the learning of British history to school pupils from low income families by providing grants to cover the cost of taking part in programs that provide historical visits to promote a better understanding of Britain’s cultural heritage, both at home and abroad;
  • Offering international programs and missionary events which provide or assist in the provision of education through cultural exchange;
  • Running music and dance schemes which provide professional production and training facilities, offering networking opportunities to bring together highly talented individuals with professionals in these arts, as well as organising classes and public performance, both at home and abroad.