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Educational Support

Young people are becoming “culturally disinherited” because they fail to understand their place in history, partly as the result of an inadequate curriculum.

H.R.H Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales


The Cartlands Foundation supports educational programs which actively promote and help better understand history and culture, helping bridge a gap that often exists in national curriculums by enabling students to apply their knowledge and understanding away from the confines of the classroom.

Introduction: London Historical Schemes

London is one of only a few truly “world” cities. To live within its boroughs is a tremendous opportunity for its students. Yet the sad reality is that there are many children who never experience this.

An appreciation for history is required if one is to learn from its merits, as well as its faults. It opens new questions to the inquiring mind, creating a better understanding of who we are and how we’ve come to be.

Through film and the media, some London school children are more familiar with New York and California than they are of their own city. Unknown to them lies a metropolis that is full of wonder, a city which has inspired some of the greatest minds and which is today the most visited city in the world.



Supporting Educational Schemes 

As part of its commitment to support the development of history and culture, the Cartlands Foundation provides bursaries to school students from low income families taking part in extra curricular educational projects. These are aimed at aiding our youth to develop a greater appreciation for the place they call home and by doing so, helping them to open their horizons.

Working in partnership with schools across the 32 London boroughs, the Foundation is keen to support programs which further student’s knowledge of London, building up their understanding through a range of visits and excursions as they progress through their education, from primary school through to the time that they apply for university.