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International Music Exchange Programs


Following in the Foundation’s belief of encouraging diversity and greater cultural understanding through art and music, the Cartlands Foundation are delighted to be welcoming international musicians as part of its International Exchange Programe for 2022.

Young artists between the ages of 18 – 25 are being offered the opportunity to spend up to two weeks in the UK learning and enhancing their craft, offering talented musicians from across the globe their first exposure to performing abroad. To encourage reciprocity, talented young musicians from the UK are also being offered the opportunity to take part in music programs in Europe and the USA.

Combining song writing and singing workshops, musical intrument lessons, as well as performance and music related extra curricular activities, it’s an extraordinary opportunity for upcoming musicians and arts to enhance and develop their skills with other young talented musicians, who are likewise motivated and interested in pursuing the same goal of creating their art, enhancing and developing talents from around the world.

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Music International Exchange Programme

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